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Product Approval in South America

We facilitate and manage the Approval or Certification processes with governmental entities.

Chile (Subtel and SEC), Perú (MTC), Paraguay (Conatel), Uruguay (URSEC), Ecuador (Arcotel) and Colombia (CRC).

RF Approval

Governmental approval of radio frequency products in Chile, Peru, Uruguay, Ecuador, and Colombia.

SEC Approval (Chile)

Management of Electrical Safety Certification for products in Chile. (Coming Soon)

"Multiband Certification / SAE (Chile)

Smartphone Approval in accordance with Chilean regulations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn about the certifications that exist in some South American countries. Products that meet the technical and administrative requirements for proper functioning are authorized for sale in their respective markets and receive a certificate of conformity.

It's a crucial process to ensure the safety and quality of products marketed in Uruguay. URSEC is the agency responsible for regulating and overseeing the certification of these products, and it's in charge of protecting people's health, the environment, and the safety of the radio spectrum.

It is known as Certification of Limited Range Devices or RF (Radio Frequency) Certification, and it involves the validation of products entering Chile that use technologies such as WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, RFID, among others.

The MTC (Ministry of Transport and Communications) homologation in Peru is a process by which a radiofrequency technology product is certified to meet the technical and regulatory requirements set by the MTC.

This process is mandatory for devices that use radio frequency, such as telecommunications equipment, mobile devices, routers, among others. The MTC homologation ensures that products comply with the quality, safety, and spectral efficiency standards established by the MTC.

The CRC (Comisión de Regulación de Comunicaciones) Certification in Colombia is a mandatory certification process for telecommunication products that use radiofrequency and are marketed in Colombia. The CRC certification ensures that products meet the technical, regulatory, and quality requirements set by the regulatory entity. Furthermore, it guarantees that devices do not generate harmful interference in telecommunication networks and services. Manufacturers must conduct tests in accredited laboratories and obtain the CRC certificate to import and sell products in the country.

The ARCOTEL (Agencia de Regulación y Control de las Telecomunicaciones) Certification in Ecuador is a mandatory homologation and certification process for telecommunication devices with radiofrequency technology that are marketed in Ecuador. The ARCOTEL certification aims to ensure that devices meet the technical, quality, and safety standards set by the regulatory entity. Manufacturers must submit technical documentation, conduct conformity tests, and pay the corresponding fees. Once the ARCOTEL certification is obtained, the product can be imported and sold in Ecuador. This certification may also be required for procedures related to telecommunications service concessions and authorizations in the country.

One of the requirements set by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce for the importation of telecommunication equipment and devices in Paraguay is to have the corresponding certificate issued by CONATEL. In cases where it is not required, CONATEL will issue a certificate indicating this situation.

It applies to all equipment and devices that emit radiation within the frequencies of telecommunication services, regardless of their power.